Roll & Write Some Creative Short Stories

When it is writing time, do your kiddos complain that they can't think of anything to write about?  Let me solve this problem for you right now.  Roll-a-Story!  This roll and write concept is simple but so much fun for students.


You need one single die to roll, plus a roll-a-story card that has the writing options on it.  (You can make your own cards or use one that I link to below.)  The card should have a column on the left that shows dice numbered 1-6. Each writer rolls a single die 3 times to determine their story elements.

The first roll selects the character.  The writer will find the picture of the die, showing the number that they rolled, on the card and look to the right of it to find their main character.  The second roll determines the setting and the third roll the story's conflict.  Three rolls of a die and 6 possibilities for each of the story elements equals 216 possible story combinations on just one roll-a-story card.  Your learners will definitely want to roll and write stories more than one time! Trust me, you'll see.

 Example dice roll

Are you ready to roll?  Grab a copy of this FREE roll & write a silly spooky story card!  Who says spooky stories can only be written around Halloween?  I say they are fun all year long. Get a free roll and write!

Do you love the roll-a-story format but want to take it to the next level? The roll-a-story cards highlight 3 of the 5 elements of a short story (character, setting and conflict).  Teachers and homeschooling parents know that kids often have a tough time understanding the difference between the remaining two elements (plot and theme).

This next resource has it all covered for you.  An informative PowerPoint presentation breaks down all 5 elements of the short story with examples.  It also includes guided notes to keep kiddos engaged during the the PowerPoint as well as a planning sheet, 4 roll-a-story cards (that means 864 possible story combinations), and writing stationery. Whew!  This will get the job done while kiddos have fun.  Check it out HERE.

Happy Writing!

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