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Text Evidence Non-Fiction ENTIRE YEAR BUNDLE

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Prove your answers! Informational text reading passages BUNDLE. Students will love color-coding their answers!

These resources use an active reading strategy. Each monthly edition contains ten original nonfiction text passages with who/what/when/where/why questions. To prove basic comprehension skills, students read a short passage then underline where they found their answers using color crayons as indicated. These worksheets provide plenty of room for students to write out their answers in complete sentences.



★ Journey Through Ellis Island
★ People from History: Martin Luther King, Jr.
★ The Golden Gate Bridge
★ The Grand Canyon
★ All About Avalanches
★ Trapped in Ice!
★ The Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes
★ Glow in the Dark Bugs
★ Beluga Whales in the Arctic
★ The Mighty Megalodon


★ Secret Codes of the Underground Railroad
★ People from History: Harriet Tubman
★ People from History: Jackie Robinson
★ People from History: Rosa Parks
★ The Legend of the Groundhog
★ History of the Olympic Games
★ The Story of Saint Valentine
★ An American Symbol: Mount Rushmore
★ The Washington Monument
★ The Lincoln Memorial


★ Mardi Gras Celebration
★ St. Patrick’s Day
★ Legend of the Leprechaun
★ When Mother Nature Strikes
★ The California Gold Rush
★ Understanding Daylight Saving Time
★ Spotlight on Sonia Sotomayor
★ Fabulous Frogs
★ People From History: Theodor Seuss Geisel
★ People From History: Alexander Graham Bell


★ About April Fool’s Day
★ Ready, Set, Recycle!
★ Water, Water, Wonderful Water!
★ Exploring the Everglades
★ Finding Fossils
★ The Sinking of the Titanic
★ The Jefferson Memorial
★ The Smithsonian Institution
★ Helpful Honeybees
★ Shooting Stars


★ Celebrating May Day
★ Delightful Dolphins
★ American Alligators
★ People from History: Hernando de Soto
★ People from History: Sacagawea, Lewis & Clark
★ Pioneers Going West
★ Understanding Landslides
★ Mount Saint Helens
★ Memorial Day
★ Myth: The Reason for Spring (Technically this is not non-fiction. It is a summary of the Greek story of spring.)


★ Magnificent Manatees
★ Cool & Colorful Chameleons
★ Tropical Rainforests
★ A Different Kind of Nest (Orioles)
★ The Bald Eagle
★ The Liberty Bell
★ People from History: Thomas Jefferson
★ People from History: Amelia Earhart
★ Venus Flytrap
★ Egyptian Pyramids


★ The Statue of Liberty
★ The U.S. Constitution
★ Johnny Appleseed
★ Hurricanes
★ A Giant Planet: Jupiter
★ World Ozone Day
★ Hispanic Heritage Month: Ellen Ochoa
★ Vicious Velociraptors
★ Great White Sharks
★ Precious Pearls


★ Spotlight on Mahatma Gandhi
★ National Fire Prevention Week
★ Columbus Day
★ Star Spangled Banner
★ Living in Space
★ Super Sniffers! Search and Rescue Dogs
★ Learning about Tsunamis
★ Bones, Bones, Bones!
★ Batty for Bats
★ Snacking on bugs?


★ Día de los Muertos
★ Important Places: The Capitol Building
★ Veterans Day
★ Native American History: The Timucua Tribe
★ People from History: Ponce de León
★ People from History: Charles Lindbergh
★ People from History: Benjamin Franklin
★ Niagara Falls
★ The First Thanksgiving
★ Let’s Talk Turkey


★ Emperor Penguins
★ Beautiful Butterflies
★ Boston Tea Party
★ Polar Bears
★ Pony Express
★ Our Planet Earth
★ People from History: The Wright Brothers
★ People from History: Matthew Henson
★ How Snowflakes are Made
★ Winter Solstice

In addition, with each Text Evidence edition you’ll receive…

Detective Badge Checklists:

The interior of the foldable badge shows the passage titles on the left side. Students indicate that they did find the proof by placing a checkmark in the box to the right of each passage title for this month that they successfully complete. Run a string through the holes as indicated so that students can wear their detective badges around their necks with pride. The printable badges are in b/w. Students add color.

Bulletin Board Printables:

Includes one crayon box that reads, "We can find the proof!" and each of the individual who/what/when/where/why color crayons as well as an extra white blank crayon.

Passages are appropriate for a 3rd-4th grade classroom.


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(This resource is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Commercial use is not permitted, including use on marketplace sites such as Outschool.)